Thanks for stopping by. This is SoundFace.

We first started working on SoundFace a long while ago. Call us perfectionists but we didn’t want to settle for any old ‘portable speaker’. We wanted to create something with some style, some substance and most importantly, some rocking sound. Fast forward to the present and we’re all a little older, more wise (surely) and slightly deaf.

We present to you, the SoundFace Speaker. Solid Sound. Unwired.

about us

In Tune.

We think music should sound just as the artist intended. We don’t flavour your music with unnatural bass, electronic effects, or any other funny business. Think of us as ‘music naturalists’. But with clothes on.


If you’re anything like us then your music taste is somewhat unique. We like to think our speakers are quite unique too. SoundFace comes in 3 different ‘grills’ to match your personal style. We don’t care much for pretentious product names so we’ve kept things pretty simple. You can go for the eternal classic model, named by our Marketing Department as the, er, ‘Classic’. The ‘Honeycomb’ (below) who's name comes from its honeycomb-esque pattern rather than what it tastes like. Or you can go for the Razor. Because the edges look like a Razor. You know.

about us

Quality. Realised.

SoundFace is a product of passion and perseverance. Take the exterior metal shell for example, requiring 8 sequential processes to produce or the speaker drivers which are stress tested for many hours to ensure that no faults emerge. We care about every component which goes into our products. Under the hood is the inbuilt Bluetooth® chip. Every chip is unique. We tune every one of our Bluetooth® chips individually to ensure quick pairing to your device and optimal wireless range.

about us