Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

2. I received an error message during the order process. Did my order go through?
To check whether your order went through correctly, please log in to the Customer Centre and look at the status of your placed orders.

3. When will my payment be charged to my card?
Your payment will go through immediately after you have completed your order.

4. Is it possible to cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order up until the point where the order is being shipped. Please contact us as soon as possible after placing an order, if you wish to cancel it.

5. Is it possible to check the status of my order?
Yes. If you log into the Customer Centre with your personal log in, you will see the status of your order.

6. Can I ship a single order to multiple locations/destinations?
SoundFace only ships a single order to a single address. If you need your products shipped to different locations you should place one order for each address.

7. How long does it take from placing my order to delivery?
If you order before 4pm, you can expect your delivery the next working day. Orders placed after 4pm on a weekday, or placed on a weekend, count as being placed the next working day.

8. Which carrier is being used to ship my order?
We use DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx depending on your location. When your order ships you will be emailed tracking information which will show the chosen carrier.

9. Does SoundFace ship internationally?
No, we currently only ship to the United Kingdom.

10. Can I have my products delivered to a PO Box address?
No, unfortunately we do not ship to PO Box addresses.

11. Where can I get replacement parts for my SoundFace products?
There are no user replaceable parts on SoundFace, please contact us if you need support.

12. What happens if the products I order are out of stock?
We will notify you of the expected delivery date and you will be offered the choice of a refund or to wait for delivery.

13. What is the Returns policy and procedure?
Should you not be satisfied for any reason whatsoever with any of your SoundFace products then please complete the Return Form within 14 calendar days of delivery and we will deal with your request as soon as possible.

14. Do SoundFace products come with a warranty and what does it cover?
All of our products come with 1 year limited warranty. To see a full list of what the warranty covers, please visit the warranty page. Please note that you must provide proof of purchase for the warranty to be valid.

1. Can I buy SoundFace products in retail stores?
No, SoundFace products are only available to order via our online store:

2. Can I become a SoundFace reseller?
No, currently we only sell our products directly to end users via our website.

3. What is Bluetooth and what is Bluetooth pairing?
Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to exchange data between electronic devices over a short distance. This exchange of data is possible after the two devices are connected – a process called Bluetooth pairing.

4. What sort of devices can I pair/connect to my SoundFace?
You can pair our speakers to any electronic device that can output a Bluetooth audio signal. Using the ‘line in’ cable you can connect SoundFace to non-wireless audio sources.

5. Is it possible to pair/connect more than one device to the speaker at the same time?
The SoundFace speaker can remember the last 8 devices it was connected to but can only play music from one device at a time.

6. Can I use the speaker to charge my phone?
You sure can. Simply attach your charger wire to the USB connector and it will start charging your phone – provided the speaker battery has 33% or greater charge remaining.

7. Is it possible to use my speaker to charge other devices too?
Yes, the speaker can charge any device that has been designed for charging through a USB cable – provided the speaker battery has 33% or greater charge remaining.

8. Can I use my speaker when it is charging a phone or other device?
Yes, use your speaker while charging a phone or other device.

9. My product doesn’t work properly. What should I do?
If you have any issues with your product we would like to help - please fill out our Contact Form with your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

10. How far can the speaker and the paired device be from each other?
The speaker and the paired device have to stay within 10-30 meters of each other for the Bluetooth connection to work. The range you experience will vary depending on your local environment as all Bluetooth devices can be affected by interference from doors, metal studwork and Wi-Fi (among other factors).

11. Do SoundFace products require batteries?
SoundFace has integrated, non-removable, rechargeable batteries. Charge your SoundFace using the charger provided.

12. How long does the battery last for?
The battery life is quoted as 10+ hours depending on factors such as device volume, Bluetooth signal strength and whether you have used the speaker to charge another device. Charing your phone or other devices from the speaker transfers electrical potential from the internal battery to your phone which can deplete the speaker batteries more quickly than when used for audio alone.

13. Does the speaker automatically connect to the last device it was connected to? How can I change this so it connects to a different device?
Your SoundFace (when unpaired) will automatically reconnect to the last device it was connected to when the device comes back within range with Bluetooth activated. To disconnect a device from your SoundFace hold down the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds and after the tone the speaker will be ready for connection to a new device.

14. How does the handsfree function work?
If you have your phone connected to your SoundFace and receive a call you can easily answer the call and use your speaker as a handsfree speakerphone. When you receive the incoming call simply answer it by pressing the Bluetooth button. When you have finished talking simply press the Bluetooth button again to hang up your call. If you place an outgoing call while the phone is connected you will automatically be able to use the speaker as a handsfree speakerphone.

15. How can I check the battery status during operation and charging?
The battery status is indicated by the LED colour when the battery indicator button is pressed. Also, when you power on your SoundFace you will see the battery status LED pulsing for 5 seconds. With 100-66% power remaining you see a green light, with 66-33% power remaining the light will be orange, and with 33-0% power remaining the light will be red. You can check the battery status in this way while charging or using your SoundFace.