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“One of the best Bluetooth speakers under £100”

“The overall build quality is remarkable for a speaker at this price”

“One of the best portable speakers we’ve had in a long time”

“The bass this unit puts out is truly unbelievable for such a small device”

“I would definitely recommend the SoundFace portable Bluetooth speaker either for you or as a gift for the music lover in your family”

“Enough features on board to make it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under £100”

“Being able to charge my phone while listening to music is a truly essential feature”

“A speaker capable of rivalling many of the well established brands in terms of features, sound clarity and overall audio quality”

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“I hate when my reviews sound like an advert but I have actually ordered a second speaker to pair with the first using it’s wireless technology”

“The sound is still impressing me.”

“With a price tag of £78 I was expecting a quality product and SoundFace delivered even down to the packaging the speaker arrives in.”

“I have been using the SoundFace Bluetooth speaker for over two weeks now and I must say it certainly impressed me.”

“They include so many awesome touches like the braided auxiliary/micro-USB cable’s, multiple plugs and denim carry case.”

“This speaker delivers some awesome sound.”

“The battery life is good as well and I was able to achieve around 8.5 hours of use between each charge.”

“I tested the USB out port with my One Plus One and was impressed with the speed of charging, certainly an awesome feature.”

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“Sound quality was excellent for such a small speaker.”

“The overall look, build quality and general feel of the SoundFace is excellent”

“I personally think it looks much better than the boring looking Sony.”

“A great first product from SoundFace that really competes with the big brands”

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“SoundFace gets the Gold Excellence award!”

“This product has been made with a great deal of care and attention to detail”

“You simply hit the ground running with this product, you will not have to buy any additional extras.”

“A really beautiful looking product with a great sound quality”

“SoundFace negatives? Nothing we can find.”

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“SoundFace has entered a good market with a brilliant product”

“If you chose to purchase the SoundFace over the Bose SoundLink Mini you’ll save £100 which is a lot of money considering they both produce the same quality of sound”

“SoundFace is fantastic and is a must buy”

“Elegant and compact design while still keeping killer sound quality”

“The whole unboxing experience was that good it reminded me of unboxing an Apple product”

“A must buy if your looking for a new speaker with great quality at a fairly reasonable price”

“A subwoofer that delivers awesome sound”

“SoundFace really is a big competitor for the likes of the Bose SoundLink Mini”

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“A woofer which adds a really good amount of bass to audio –probably the best we have seen in a speaker of this nature.”

“Overall, the SoundFace is an excellent mobile audio solution.”

“Audio sound is rich, feels full and rounded, and it works as well with spoken word as it does with music.”

“The inclusion of a charging feature, for mobile devices, makes the SoundFace a highly recommended Bluetooth speaker.”

“Collectively the speakers offer some great sounding 2.1 channel audio.”

“Much more than a wireless mobile speaker but it is as a speaker that it really stands out.”

“Pairing is very easy and the SoundFace re-paired smoothly every time we switched it on.”

“The SoundFace feels sturdy and looks extremely well-engineered with just a nice amount of weight to it.”

“Extremely well presented box which includes a clever sliding face panel”

“Remove the SoundFace from the box and the quality is immediately noticeable.”

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“It feels like a quality item as soon as you first hold it.”

“You get what you pay for as they say, and you get a lot with the SoundFace.”

“The sound quality of the speaker is very good, and with five speakers packed into the device it’s not hard to see why.”

“If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker this Christmas – this is the one to buy.”

“From opening the box, to handling the device, to even reading the clear and concise manual the speaker is just a joy.”

“For a speaker so small it does pack a very respectable punch, and it’s surprising just how loud it goes.”

“The speaker itself is a lovely piece of gadgetry. Just the feel of it tells you that real care has been taken in the selection of the materials and the design of the exterior.”

“The first thing SoundFace have got right is the important first impression, it’s luxuriously designed white packaging and way of opening certainly gives the Wow factor.”

“SoundFace have managed to make their speaker stand apart. Just by sheer care and attention to detail they’ve managed to deliver a speaker that is pleasing on so many levels.”

“With the quality and attention to detail within it’s fancy packaging its not hard to see why it costs more than other speakers of this size.”

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“With the impressive build quality and brilliant styling the SoundFace is well deserving of the Dave Plays Gold Award.”

“Despite being turned up to 11, there was no noticeable distortion or crackle to the music.”

“The audio quality overall was unsurprisingly really good and the SoundFace proved able to put out a substantial amount of kick from the subwoofer when the volume was at the higher end.”

“The ability to charge devices from the USB port on the SoundFace is a brilliant addition.”

“The box is one of the most engineered bits of kit I have seen, with the part showing the speaker sliding into the top half as you open it which reveals the speaker itself.”

“The grill is aluminium, and the overall build of the speaker gives a really solid feel, there is also a nice weight to it overall as well.”

“One things for sure, the SoundFace Bluetooth speaker, sure looks pretty.”

“Pairing it up was as easy as 1,2,3.”

“The SoundFace Bluetooth speaker comes in a nicely styled box.”

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“As an internationally touring musician, the Sound Face speaker is now an essential part of my travelling itinerary.”

“Whether it be to check new mixes in hotel rooms or simply listen for enjoyment on the bus, I no longer have to be limited by tinny laptop speakers, as Sound Face delivers crystal clarity across the entire frequency range, including a superb and incredibly tangible bass punch. Even at high volumes, the speaker doesn’t clip or distort - very impressive given its modest size.”

“And at such a size, it’s lightweight and mobile, and its extended battery life is very welcome - so no annoying cables to attach nor plug sockets and international adapters to affix when using! It also has a fantastic range of connectivity options, and, as if that wasn’t enough, it also looks damn sleek and stylish!”

“Highly recommended.”

Ben Christo, lead guitar, The Sisters of Mercy

A brilliant, easy to use speaker

I am really impressed with my speaker, it sounds excellent and was so easy to set up. It looks very cool & sleek and is fairly small in size but still loud in sound. It comes in a very smart box too.

"Five star quality sound with a five star quality build" Impressive!

The sound on this little speaker is quite amazing, clear as crystal and the base is proper! I have a spacious vaulted lounge 9.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 metres and this little diamond doesn't distort or get lost! The bluetooth connection is simple to set up and easy to use no need for trailing cables it can be placed anywhere. Even better you can link two Soundface together via bluetooth which is why I need to buy another. It will even charge your phone and work as a hands free when a call comes in. I have a T5 VW transporter/camper, this little speaker looks like it was made for the camper, fills it with great sound and looks like it's supposed to be there. If you are at home, off to a festival or travelling this year it’s perfect. Looking for a GREAT present then buy a SOUNDFACE the only trouble is you will want to keep it for yourself. I love this little machine hold it in your hand and it feels like a piece of engineering, not a piece of cheap plastic. It's a little piece of class...

Awesome looking speakers with great sound

Great looking speakers, with great quality sound and volume, perfect for our house. Very easy to connect up to iPad and iPhone. Definitely would recommend soundface speakers.

Finally a speaker that works!

I rarely write reviews or give recommendations to friends, but this speaker is brilliant, so I had to.I bought this so I could listen to spotify around the house and to listen to music with my children, without playing it through my laptop.It does exactly what I had hoped. The children love it and now the laptop is put away and out of reach of little hands.This is the third portable speaker that I have purchased and finally I have found a good one. Soundface does what it says. Previous speakers purchased have been a disappointment and have had various faults. Soundface I can confidently recommend and we now have a happy household full of music.

Love the way it has so many features - goes with me everywhere

My latest discovery which I carry with me everywhere with my mobile as it has so many important necessary features. The most important is the way you can use it to take calls as I dont like putting the phone to my ear. WHO has admitted that mobile phone may cause cancer saying research links 30 minutes use a day to a 40% higher odds of brain cancer. Being able to charge my phone also is a great feature as the battery often dies when I need it on the go! And of course the stereo speakers are great for listening to music. Love this gadget so much

What a fab speaker!

This is a very cool speaker! I bought it to play music to my baby during his naps, so I didn't need to leave my phone close to him in the nursery. The sound is so clear, and it's such a neat size, and very easy to set up and connect (exactly what I needed!). The quality is great in every respect, and next day delivery was a real a bonus. Would definitely recommend this bluetooth speaker!

Very slick product

Awesome speaker with great bass and a really clear sound. Feels like it has been really well designed. Love it.

Simply brilliant!

How can they get so much quality out of such a small appliance is beyond my understanding. You can see straight away this product has been well thought. Design is neat, quality is great and sound is suave. Listen to Barry White for maximum effect!

solid speaker that packs a punch!

Opening the soundface box you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the packaging and look of the speaker. It sounds much better than a cheap one I picked up off amazon and is really loud for it size. It feels very well made and should last a long time. Love it.

Amazing!Exactly what I was looking for!

Really happy with this product!! Next day delivery, I've connected to my laptop straight away and it's just perfect!Easy to use, sound is just great and I love the style! Completely satisfied!

SoundFace: Small, beautiful and perfectly formed with a real sonic punch

SoundFace so convenient, no cables, no fuss. You need look no further if you want a small, beautifully formed, reasonably priced, portable wireless speaker that really rocks when it comes to sound quality. Many more expensive models fail to match the sonic quality of SoundFace. Brilliantly designed and great value for money, it's tempting to buy one for every room in the house.

Great product with tons of features!

I paired my Note 3 smartphone instantly to my shiny new SoundFace bluetooth speaker. It sounds great and I love how I can charge my phone next to it while my music is playing!


SoundFace is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I've come across. It's loud but barely distorts, the sound quality is brilliant and it looks great.

quality sound from a quality speaker

The fidelity from this nifty little speaker is awesome. You can crank up your favourite tunes on the go without compromising on sound quality.

Great product at a great price

Tested this speaker with my television and by streaming music from my iPhone using Bluetooth, sound quality was great. Bluetooth pairing with my iPhone was easy and without any hassle

Great would definitely recommend

Very impressed with this. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Perfect for holidays/travelling

We've just come back from a weekend cottage break and we all preferred the SoundFace over the stereo the cottage provided. The sound really fills the room.

Great product

There is not much to tell about the SoundFace - great product, great price, great service. The product is high-quality built and definitely the best Bluetooth speaker I've yet seen at this price. Ordering online was simple, delivery fast and using SoundFace straightforward as well as stunning in terms of audio quality. I can recommend this product thoroughly.

Delight to use - high quality sound and design

I was very excited to receive my SoundFace speaker so quickly after ordering in time for my wedding reception. The quality of sound was very high and we were able to have fabulous music all evening from my phone. I now have great quality sound and it's a delight to own. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and am pleased to be able to write about it.

Smart looking, solid feel, great sound

This looks and feels the real deal - simple to use and sounds good for the price. (You would think it cost more from the quality of it)Overall great buy. Maybe would be good if grills came in different colours?

Really impressive speaker

I am so glad I bought this speaker, the sound quality is the highest I have come across. This is a great product, I have just ordered 4 more for Christmas presents as they will be perfect. Really like all the additional features such as ability to charge your phone if you are outside, and also linking two together. The design is really good and I like the way you can change and choose different covers/grills. Highly recommend.

Convenient, great quality, easy to order

Great quality product and nicely packaged too. The material was delivered according the expectations. I recommend to all this company. Great experience!!

Ordered at 4pm, and had delivery by 10am the next day

Great service, SoundFace did what the said. I called them for some technical advice and proceeded to place the order online. Got delivery promptly next day. Actually this is my second Soundface purchase, and this latest one arrived in good time for my brother's birthday - he will be pleased!

Excellent sound quality & easy to use

Bought SoundFace for a birthday trip away with some friends for music by the pool. Ordered it one morning and it arrived within 24 hours -amazing! It was easy to pair with my iphone and the sound quality was very good - even at high volume (which is what I needed it for!). It all worked a treat on the holiday and we only had to charge once in the week I think. Using it as a portable charger is pretty neat too! :-)

Highly recommended

I received my SoundFace speaker earlier this week and I haven't stopped using it. I charge it up at home and then take it into college where it's become quite a hit in the common room. The volume is really impressive for something so small and it comes with everything you need to get started in the box - I'm using bluetooth but it also comes with a cable if you have an old MP3 player that only has a headphone socket.

Amazing Quality!

This speaker is one of the best I've owned. Sleek, stylish and with high quality sound, this speaker is one I highly recommend!

Great Speaker!

Totally in love with this speaker since I purchased it. Reasonable price, got amazing sound quality and looks very sharp. Came on next day delivery too. Personally, the fact it allows me to charge my iphone is a massive bonus!

Versatile and Compact - fantastic value!

What a great device! When I purchased SoundFace I've done mostly out of curiosity as I already have good speaker sets. First test though, I have been amazed by its sound quality and since, didn't use my HiFi at all - the convenience is just unbeatable - SoundFace is so versatile, whether used as PC speaker or to boost sound on my old TV, SoundFace delivers amazing sound quality and yet is portable! - @ the SoundFace team - please more of such innovation! Ralf

Highly recommended

Great product, awesome sound!! Super convenient, lightweight and portable.

Great looking speaker

I received my soundface speaker this week and love how it looks in my flat. I got the razor model. It looks so different to the other speakers I had looked at buying previously. I've already used it loads of times. I didn't know this at first but I can also use it as a speaker phone. So far so good. Very happy with it.

must have gadget for 2015

I highly recommend this smartly designed speaker. All the features are so easy to use. This is the best value bluetooth speaker I've come across.

Quality Speaker!

SoundFace is truly a superb product! Clean and crisp sound that packs plenty of punch! You will never listen to music the same way again. Highly Recommended!!

nice, practical

I am in love with this speaker! The sound is fantastic but what really convinced me was the iphone charging feature. A nice 2 in 1 :)

friends bday present sorted

Bought this for my friends birthday and must say what a little gem of a speaker. Looks amazing, almost like something from the future and sounds amazing too. The only problem is my friend has really bad taste in music and now i'm having to educate him on all the Rock legends.

Felt like a king

A lot of other companies could learn something from soundface and their customer service. Had a few questions about specs of speaker and they went through each single tiny detail with me until I understood. Friendly bunch, know their stuff, deliver on their promises. Recommended to all my friends and will be buying again so I can start pairing these bad boys up!

Brilliant speaker and super-fast delivery!

Ordered on Thursday and delivered on Friday, could not ask for better service. Even the box that the speaker comes in is awesome, as soon as you get it in your hands you know you are in for a treat! Sound quality is really good and the volume is much louder than I was expecting from a portable speaker which is a great bonus.

Top notch customer service

I had a few questions so I called the customer service number and the chap I spoke to knew the product inside out - it's been a while since I received this kind of customer service and I had no hesitation placing an order. They told me it would arrive the next day and sure enough it did! Works really well with my iPad - finally I can hear films and TV programmes properly.

So easy

I was searching for a new speaker for a few weeks before I came across Soundface. The whole process was so easy. Would def recommend to anyone looking for a good quality speaker that gets delivered to your door in under 24 hours.. Such an easy company to deal with.

The kids love it

My teenage sons say the new speaker is "cool" which has to count for something! I ordered online and received the item the next day by courier - I'd barely signed for it by the time one of the boys was already playing music from his phone.

Awesome sound!

I bought my Soundface last week and the sound quality blew me away. For a relatively small speaker it produces really loud and clear sound. I got the honeycomb model and it definitely stands out from other speakers I've bought in the past. Love it.

Fantastic product and customer service

Couldn't be happier with these guys, after searching loads on the web for a bluetooth speaker I came across a review for soundface where the reviewer gave it 5 stars. This coupled with it fitting in my budget and free next day delivery made me buy it. Looks so awesome, even better than in the pics. My brother has become a refugee in his gym / garage and this will be the perfect Xmas gift.

SoundFace speaker really rocks!

The sound that comes from this little device is amazing - full and vibrant, exactly what you want when listening to your tunes. The build quality was a complete surprise, for the price I was expecting so much less but the speaker is solidly built and has a great weight to it. It couldn't be easier to use, just a couple of button presses and I was up and running. The only problem is that everyone who's seen it so far has wanted to play with it!

Blew me away, really Beautiful product with great Sound

Just took delivery of the Soundface in the classic style. Seems to be really well put together and my friends are equally impressed. I took a chance with going for this new brand, and the rumours are true: it kicks the butt of the competition. Nice work Soundface, you guys rock big time!